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Discover Healing: Body Code Presentation Workshop - October 30, 2021 (Romanian)

Body Code Workshop October 30, 2021 - Special guest Prof. Dr. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan.

Dumitru Constantin Dulcan is a neurologist and a psychiatrist with a doctorate in medical sciences and an ample opening towards the philosophy of science.

Practicing medicine in the army, he was given the opportunity to make progress in brain research and gain insight into the importance of our thoughts for our organism and surroundings. A journey to China introduced him to acupuncture, which he began to study thoroughly. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan is a member of numerous national and international scientific societies and owner of many scientific and literary awards.

His most famous work, "The Intelligence of the Matter", was first published in 1981 and represented a shock for Romanians everywhere, sparking the interest of a wide range of readers - biologists, psychologists, physicists, computer scientists, philosophers, sociologists and even clergymen. The "official" reception, however, was far from exceptional, due to the communist regime. That is why, although highly appreciated among its readers and considered a best-seller at the time, the book was soon withdrawn from the proposals for The Romanian Academy Awards and "silenced".

In 1992, a revised second edition was published, on which occasion, "The Intelligence of the Matter" was distinguished with the "Vasile Conta" Award of the Romanian Academy.

The Formula As magazine states about this book that it is "A book which unsettled the Romanian scientific world because it had the courage to bring into discussion an outlook on the world and the Universe which had seemed lost for ever. The times were those of the dialectic materialism and words such as "soul" had lost all significance. The world was but a machinery, and so were the people. The consciousness was but "the product of the matter superiorly organised". God had been banished from the world of man, in the name of a new restrictive science, whose eyes were covered by blinders."


Dumitru Constantin Dulcan este un medic neurolog și psihiatru, autor de literatură filozofică și metafizică. Este cunoscut în special pentru lucrarea Inteligența materiei, publicată în România sub o formă cenzurată în perioada comunistă, dar republicată integral și cu adăugiri după Revoluția din 1989.

Cartea sa „Inteligența materiei” a fost distinsă în 1992, cu premiul Academiei Române pentru filozofie „Vasile Conta”. În această carte, publicată în 1981, autorul încerca să arate că „știința deținea, deja”, dovezile existenței lui Dumnezeu, manifestat în toate formele vii.

De profesie medic militar, cu specializările neurologie și psihiatrie, Dulcan și-a legat numele de Spitalul Militar Central din București, unde a condus secția de neuropsihiatrie, apoi clinica de neurologie, având gradul militar de general de brigadă începând cu 1993.


„Inteligența materiei” (1981)

„Mintea de dincolo”, care abordează experiențele morții clinice

„Oglinda conștiinței” (2003)

„În căutarea sensului pierdut” (2008)

„Somnul rațiunii”

„Către noi înșine”

„Gândirea omului modern”

„Culmi și limite”

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