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10 ways to ground yourself spiritually

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

As you begin your journey of spiritual progression, it is essential that you strive to be spiritually grounded. Learning how to ground yourself is a beneficial way to improve your overall spirituality and energy. When you are not correctly grounded, you are akin to a small object in the wind — easily swayed, knocked down, or blown away. By learning how to ground yourself spiritually, you will have a solid foundation to rely on as you navigate the path in front of you.

What is Spiritual Grounding?

Spiritual grounding is a practice that connects your body to the earth and brings physical and emotional balance and strength. When you learn how to ground yourself, you become present.

Use the following 10 tips to help ground yourself. Follow the suggestions that speak to you and your inner truth for the best results.

1. Food and Water

When you eat and drink, you are physically brought down closer to Mother Earth. The act of physical consumption not only gives you the strength you need when learning how to ground yourself, but gives you a stronger physical connection to the earth.

2. Nurture by Nature

Spending time in the outdoors can help you in your grounding process. Make a conscious effort to disconnect from distractions and spend time being nurtured by nature. Whether it’s mountains or the beach or your own backyard, quiet reflection in the great outdoors can be a wonderful way to ground yourself.

3. Exercise

Put your physical body and energy in a good state by exercising.  good workout can be a reset button for your body no matter what activity you choose, from yoga and tai chi to jogging and swimming. When your body has positive energy from physical movement, you can learn how to ground yourself much easier.

4. Address the Issues

In some cases, learning how to ground yourself spiritually can be difficult because of underlying tension and resistance. Sometimes individuals are afraid to face the intense emotions that come with being present. If you find this fear in your own life, address it head on and work through it with the help of a holistic healer, therapist, or through meditations.

5. Plant Life

Surrounding yourself with positive natural energy is a must when learning how to ground yourself spiritually. Plants give off wonderful, positive energy and can ground you as you work with them. Plant a garden and work in it regularly, or bring several plants into your home. Care for these plants and interact with them regularly.

6. Know Your Signs

There are several signs that you have become ungrounded. Learning to spot these signs is vital if you wish to stay grounded. As you begin to disconnect, you may have physical signs such as dizziness, shakiness, a pounding heart, or weight gain. Other signs of disconnection include feeling dazed, forgetfulness, and excessive daydreaming. Make a point to regularly check yourself for these signs so that you can immediately course correct.

7. Salt Bath

Salts like Himalayan Salt or Epsom Salt have wonderful restorative and healing properties. Draw a warm bath and add some of your favorite salt to the water. As you soak, try to relax and fill your mind and body with positive energy. This practice can help you rid yourself of negative energy as you learn how to ground yourself spiritually.

8. Meditation

Use specific grounding meditations to help you feel connected to the earth and to help you become more present. As you become more aware of your surroundings, you become more grounded. Mindfulness meditations are an important step in learning how to ground yourself.

9. Use Crystals

Use powerful crystals and stones to help connect you to the earth. Try using Red Jasper, Blue Kyanite, or Bloodstone. Keep these gems and rocks close to you in a shirt pocket or on a piece of jewelry to get the greatest benefit.

10. Eat Chocolate

Raw, organic chocolate can be a great way to connect yourself physically and spiritually to the earth. Pure chocolate can help align your physical and mental state as you become grounded and present.

Spiritual grounding is an intensely personal process. Though holistic healers can assist you in your journey, it is up to you to decide how grounding should work for you. Develop a grounding process that aligns with your spirituality and get started today.

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