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10 Easy Ways to Limit Your EMF/Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

As a Body Code practitioner, I routinely identify and energetically release toxins which can create imbalances in my clients’ health. Considering that most of us spend hours every day on our phones and computers, it’s no surprise that a common toxin called EMF, also known as Cellular Radiation, is entering the body and brain. The effects of cell phone radiation and the severity of the health threat this poses is a matter of controversy that is far from settled. Regardless of whether or not a definitive conclusion is ever reached, it makes sense to reduce your toxin exposure while enjoying the benefits of our modern technology.

EMF Side Effects from Cell Phones

When you hold your phone up to your ear, 10% to 80% of the radiation from cell phones enters the first two inches of your brain. The effects of this are even more pronounced in children. Possible side effects of EMF radiation from cell phones include:

  • Fatigue

  • Headache

  • Eye problems

  • Disrupted sleep patterns and reduced melatonin

  • Memory loss

  • Genetic DNA damage

  • Changes in electrical activity in the brain

  • Impaired immune system

  • Interference with pacemakers

  • Cardiovascular stress

Reducing Exposure to EMFs and Cell Phone Radiation

Here are some suggestions that you can easily put into practice to reduce your exposure to radiation caused by cell phones and other electronics:

  1. Keep your cell phone away from your body. Do not carry your phone in your pocket or bra. If you must do so, turn the phone off or set it to Airplane Mode first.

  2. When possible, use a landline for phone calls, especially when making multiple or extended phone calls.

  3. When talking on your cell phone, do not hold it up to your head. Instead, use the speaker, or earphones-preferably a hollow air tube headset.

  4. If you use a Bluetooth headset, don’t make a habit of keeping the earphones in your ears all day. Instead, remove them as soon as your call is over.

  5. Do not sleep with your cell phone! Don’t put it under your pillow, in your bed, or on your nightstand near your head. It makes no sense to expose yourself to radiation when you’re asleep, and not even using your phone. Studies have even shown that those who sleep with their cell phones have poor REM sleep, leading to impaired learning and memory. If you need to use the alarm on your phone, set it to Airplane Mode. If you must keep the phone turned on in case you get an emergency call, place it across the room from your bed.

  6. Don’t hold your phone against your stomach while texting, checking social media, email etc. Keep as much distance between your body and your phone as you can.

  7. Avoid using your phone in “bad cell areas”. When signal reception is low, your cell phone has to work extra hard to connect, and the radiation output is increased. Likewise, while traveling in a vehicle, your phone constantly searches for a new signal as you move, so it’s best to turn it off or set it to Airplane Mode until you’ve stopped.

  8. Keep laptop computers and tablets off your body as well. Place them on a table or off to your side, or get an EMF shield to place the device on while it’s on your lap. Turn off the Wi-Fi setting of your device when you’re not using it.

  9. Even when operating on Airplane mode, the screen of an electronic device emits blue light, which can affect the brain’s ability to wind down at night, disrupting sleep. If you or your children have trouble falling asleep easily, consider shutting off all devices an hour or two before bedtime.

  10. Speaking of children, keep in mind that their growing bodies and brains are more sensitive to EMF radiation than adults are. If they use devices to play games or read books, turn off the Wi-Fi setting or turn on Airplane mode while in use. Limit exposure to EMF radiation by keeping the devices away from their bodies and setting time limits. Set a positive example by practicing good radiation hygiene yourself so your children learn how to safely use this technology.

The key takeaway is this: be conscious of keeping distance between your body and your devices. Limit the amount of time that you spend using cell phones, computers, and Bluetooth headsets to reduce EMF radiation exposure.

Releasing EMF Toxins

Toxicity is one of the six areas of imbalances that can occur in the mind and body, which are the underlying causes of all diseases according to The Body Code. It’s important for you to be able to identify and release these imbalances in the body in order to restore balance and good health. The Body Code practitioners are able to quickly and painlessly remove these energies and restore balance and energetic harmony to the body.

This article was written by The Body Code and The Emotion Code practitioner, Holly Buynovsky. Contact her through her website or by email at

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