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How Do Positive Emotions Affect You and Those Around You?

If you Google “negative emotions,” you’ll find more than 253 million results. There is no shortage of information out there about how to deal with negative emotions, but what about the effect of positive emotions? By embracing the power of positivity, you can live a fuller and healthier life.

Positive Emotions

According to “The Neurobiology of Emotion,” the 5 primary emotions are anger, fear, pleasure, sadness, and disgust. Think about that. 4 of the 5 primary emotions are very negative, so it is no wonder that society has a tendency to overlook positive emotions.

The Physicality of Emotion

Our emotions, or feelings, may seem to be intangible, but there is a reason the phrase “you hurt my feelings” is in existence. Negative stimuli, also known as the “negativity bias.” have a profound effect on us physically, This is part of the reason why we tend to remember sad or scary events more than happy and fun ones.

The negativity bias is also a great reason to make sure you are utilizing the uplifting effects of positive emotions. It may take a little more work than being negative all the time, but it is well worth it, especially with a tool like The Emotion Code.

Positive Emotions in Positive Psychology

Studies have been done that indicate that positive emotions can dramatically change a person’s perspective. The “broaden-and-build” concept purports that as people broaden their momentary thought-action processes, it builds up their personal resources: physical, intellectual, social, and psychological.

The Power of Positivity

If you are already in a negative funk, even the tiniest thing—a chipped nail, a stubbed toe, a spilled glass of milk—can put you in a tailspin and feel like a tragedy. When you are in an uplifting mood and things seem to be going well, it makes little foibles, and even big traumas, much easier to handle.

A Positive Emotions List

So what positive emotions can we practice to turn that frown upside down?


Smiling and laughing can release endorphins that lift your spirits. The physical act of smiling, even if you don’t feel like doing it, can release the feel-good-messengers of the brain. Watch a funny movie, share some jokes with a friend, or just make funny faces in the mirror if it will make you laugh and smile.


This feeling of calm and peace while seemingly subtle is a powerhouse of positive emotions.


Some people feel the word “awesome” is overused, but if you welcome positivity, then even the simplest occurrence can be awe-inspiring. The blooming of a new flower, the giggle of a child can elicit the same response as viewing the Grand Canyon.


Do you have frequent encounters with someone mired in negativity? Kill ‘em with kindness! Sometimes all a person needs is to know someone cares, and you reap the added bonus of feeling the good vibes.


Be appreciative of everything you have, big and small. When you are about to think negatively about something, turn it around. The store is out of your favorite beverage? Be glad there are alternatives and you have the ability to purchase them. Your child tells you, as you tuck them into bed, that they need cupcakes for school the next day? Enjoy the fact that you can either make them yourself or swing into your local bakery and pick them up on the way to school.

Life flies by in a blur. Celebrate the little things and help others embrace positive emotions and release their trapped emotions.

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