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How Emotions Can Affect Your Health

When we hear news updates or other things about health, most often they seem to be about the physical body. We hear a lot about cardiovascular health, joint health, gut health, etc., but how often do we consider how our emotions might affect our physical health? One of the basic tenets of holistic health and energy healing is that your emotions — and their energy — can have an effect on your physical body.

How Emotions Can Affect Your Health

Holistic Health & Negative Emotions

It has been documented that negative emotions — if not properly managed — aren’t good for you. It makes sense that persistent negative feelings may lead to chronic stress, which has been shown to reduce the chemicals in your brain responsible for happiness. It can also affect your immune system and may be related to conditions like insomnia, headaches, and even diabetes. And stress is just one example.

Unresolved anger has been linked to a host of other issues, such as digestive problems, high blood pressure, skin problems, even heart attack and stroke! And this doesn’t even account for the potentially damaging mental toll of carrying stress, anger, grief, or loneliness around with you all the time.

But what about the positive side of things?

Holistic Health & Positive Emotions

Now let’s turn things upside-down for a minute — in a good way! Did you know that being happy can actually lead to a healthier body? When you feel happy, it can lead to positive habits that improve your health. For example, people who feel positive are 47% more likely to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and 33% more likely to be physically active, when compared to people who feel less positive.

Happiness can also help fight off stress, boost your immune system, help you sleep better, and increase your overall life expectancy. So when it comes to holistic health, it definitely pays to be happy and positive.

Energy Healing & Your Happiness

Since trapped Emotions may make you more prone to those feelings that are trapped — whether it’s frustration, abandonment, fear, or something else — it could be vital to your physical health to clear them. Then, practice The Emotion Code™ frequently to keep yourself as free as possible from emotional baggage.

There are a lot of energy healing methods, such as meditation and The Emotion Code™, which can help you tune into your feelings and then process them more effectively. Specifically, identifying and clearing Trapped Emotions may help you unload emotional baggage or negative energy that could otherwise keep you mired in stress, anger, or other things that can drag down your health.

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