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Maintaining Inner Peace

Inner peace is a process that may take a long time. How long it takes to master that process depends on the person, but one thing is for certain — you can never assume you’ve arrived at a state of inner peace and then forget about it. Your sense of center or equilibrium may be disrupted by events, bad experiences, or the stress of daily living. If you aren’t taking care to maintain your inner peace, you could definitely lose it. This is where energy healing and other practices come in handy.

Taking Care of Your Inner Self

Every day, we go through a certain routine to maintain our outward appearance or hygiene. We take a shower, brush our teeth, change our clothes and maybe put on makeup and style our hair. We do all of this because it’s healthy and socially encouraged. But how much daily care do you put into maintaining your inner self? Are you giving your inside as much attention as your outside? Many of us might argue that the inside is more important, but if we’re being honest, few of us probably take the time to actively maintain our inner peace on a consistent basis.

Just like our outward appearance, our inner peace is likely to deteriorate if it doesn’t get the care it needs. You can’t brush your teeth one time and then figure you’re done, and you can’t feel you’ve achieved inner peace and then neglect it for the rest of your life — it just won’t last. If you’ve already spent time going through the process to find it, you really just have to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Fortunately, none of these things are difficult to do, especially if you’re generally an emotionally healthy person.

Energy Healing 

Energy healing may be the easiest, most effective way to maintain your sense of inner peace. Practicing The Emotion Code® on yourself or with a practitioner on a regular basis could help you address emotional energy that could become trapped, especially when you’re going through difficult times. Each session can even be done from far away or by proxy, and only takes a few minutes. Spending just a few minutes a week or a month to take care of your emotional health is more than worth the investment.


Like energy healing sessions, meditation only needs to take a few minutes each time. You can meditate as often as you like, but consistency is key. Use a guided recording or go your own way. You really can’t do it wrong. The idea is to spend a few minutes alone with yourself, taking a break from the rest of the world to focus on your breathing, relaxation, and feeling at peace.


Gratitude is one of the highest (if not the highest) vibrations you can feel. Try taking a few minutes every day to focus on it. You can talk to yourself in the mirror, make gratitude part of your meditation practice, or keep a running list of your blessings in a handy place. Be grateful for the things you have, but also focus on the non-material aspects of your life: love, creativity, talents, friendship.

Self Care

General self-care is critical to maintaining inner peace. If you neglect your own needs, you are bound to be more stressed and frustrated when things get busy or difficult. No matter how tight your schedule is, take time to take care of yourself. Take a walk or a power nap. Buy yourself a little something. Feed yourself good food. Get to bed a little earlier. Do things that make you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t need to take hours a day, but self care can go a long way to helping you feel at peace or bounce back from a tough day.

If you already feel a strong sense of inner peace, good for you! Keep doing what you’re doing to keep that feeling alive. If you’re still getting there, try these and other tools to help you find your inner peace. Either way, be sure to actively maintain it!

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