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Open to the Energy of Receiving: How to Let Your Abundance Flow

The Law of Abundance is quite simple:

  • what we believe, we receive

  • what we project, we attract

  • you will reap what you sow

With this very basic premise in mind, it logically follows that if you are closed off by Trapped Emotions or a stubborn Heart-Wall, your law of receiving could keep you from manifesting abundance. 

Identify Your Current Abundance

Many times a person is closed off to the law of receiving because they are, for whatever reason, unable to recognize the abundance they already enjoy. You may be able to alleviate this if you take the time to identify the magnificence that surrounds you. Think about the ways in which you already live an abundant life, and think about expanding that abundance into the other areas of your life.

No Room for Desperation

Despair is a condition that has been trivialized over the years. This term, which was originally meant for the most trying and difficult of times, like famine or war, has been reduced to a description of not immediately having what we want, as in “I’m desperate for a coffee.”

Feelings of “desperation” can only have a negative impact. True desperation shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s life. As soon as you let go of that unnecessary anguish and replace it with more positive energy, you may begin to feel a sense of relief. When this happens, things can begin to change for you. Once you have cleared yourself of trapped emotions and feel the power of positivity, abundance may start to enter your life.

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